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June 16, 2021 | Winners of the 2021 TAC-TIL contest


The winners of the TAC-TIL contest, for creative teams that designed ads or branded content for La Presse+ during 2020, were announced this evening at the A2C Gala Idéa awards ceremony. The Glassroom agency, for its client Desjardins, won the award in the Branded Content (XTRA) category for the branded special issue “Quels sont vos projets coups de cœur?” (“What are your favourite projects?”). Radio-Canada also earned a distinction, taking home the award in the category Interactive Ad (HTML) for its piece “Avez-vous toujours votre cœur d’enfant?” (“Are you still young at heart?”).

The Desjardins campaign aimed to raise awareness of the Fonds du Grand Mouvement, a fund that supports initiatives with a community impact among youth as well as in the areas of sustainable development and entrepreneurship. The jury based its decision on the treatment of the subject, its relevance, sustained interest throughout the reading of the piece, the campaign outcomes, and the essence of the message, which meshed organically with the La Presse+ content.

The Radio-Canada ad, meanwhile, featured a playful concept that matched some of the broadcaster’s high-profile kids and youth titles by sliding them onto images of toys in a child’s bedroom. The goal was to remind readers of the public broadcaster’s singular role as a producer of programming for young people. In making its choice, the jury focused on the creative qualities of the ad, specifically, the innovation displayed in creating a concept that fully leveraged the platform, the originality of the storytelling, and the ad’s potential to spark engagement.

“For this fourth edition, we once again had several high-quality submissions,” says Fauve Doucet, Vice-President, National Media Design, at Cossette Media, who chaired this year’s jury. “In this year when everyone had to reinvent themselves, advertisers showed their audacity in designing engaging campaigns with inspiring content that brought people together. Although the past few months have been challenging for many, creatives grasped the importance of investing in local media and made the most of the impressive possibilities offered by La Presse+ to build brand equity,” she adds.

The other jury members were Marlène Chapelain, Director, Marketing and Communications, Orchestre symphonique de Montréal; Martin Beauséjour, Editor-in-Chief, Branded Content, Sid Lee; Camille Poulin, Partner, Media, Camden; Catherine Vézina, Advisor, Media Strategy, Desjardins; Jean-Nicolas Duval, Art Director, Rethink; Audrey Perron-Mc Eniry, Marketing Manager, Brunet; Sabine Clusiau, Director, Creative and Advertising Production, La Presse; and Claire Bouchard, Director, Branded Content, La Presse.

The winners each receive three 12.9 in. iPad Pro tablets along with a $15,000 media campaign on the La Presse platforms.

Congratulations to the winners!

February 22, 2021 | The TAC-TIL advertising contest is back


La Presse is proud to announce the return of its prestigious advertising contest, TAC-TIL, to highlight and reward the incredible creativity of La Presse’s partners in the advertising and marketing industry. Submissions are being accepted in two distinct categories: interactive advertising (HTML) and branded content (XTRA).

Easy and free registration

The registration period begins today and will continue until midnight Monday, April 19, 2021. Submissions must have been published in La Presse+ between January 1 and December 31, 2020.

TAC-TIL is open to all creators of interactive advertisements or branded content published in La Presse+ in 2020. The elements submitted can be the work of agencies, advertisers or freelancers. The same participant may submit up to five (5) pieces per category to the contest. To register, or for more information, visit plus.lapresse.ca/tactilcontest.

List of awarded prizes:

Participants in each category have a chance to win the following prizes:

  • Interactive Advertising (HTML) category:

    Three iPad Pro for the winning team and a $15,000 media campaign on La Presse platforms.

  • Branded Content Category (XTRA):

    Three iPad Pro for the winning team and a $15,000 media campaign on La Presse platforms.

2021 Jury

Nine experienced and well-known advertising and marketing industry professionals will make up the jury responsible for evaluating the entries and selecting the winners.

  • President – Fauve Doucet, Vice President National Media Design at Cossette Media

  • Marlène Chapelain, Director, Marketing and Communications, Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

  • Martin Beauséjour, Editor-in-Chief, Branded Content, Sid Lee

  • Camille Poulin, Partner, Media, Camden

  • Catherine Vézina, Advisor, Media Strategy, Desjardins

  • Jean-Nicolas Duval, Art Director, Rethink

  • Audrey Perron-McEniry, Commercial Support Manager, Metro

  • Sabine Clusiau, Director, Creative and Advertising Production, La Presse

  • Claire Bouchard, Director, Branded Content, La Presse

Enter now!

July 27, 2020 | Multiplatform single sign-on


La Presse innovates again by deploying its sign on authentication strategy on the La Presse+ app platform for tablets, and on its website, in order to allow its readers to access La Presse’s content. As part of the already widely deployed sign on strategy on its mobile app, the approach allows users to sign on only once per platform, and remain logged on. This will allow advertisers to further benefit from a marked increase in the targeting of campaigns and the accuracy of the audiences sought, thanks to much more precise targeting.

A response to the disappearance of third-party identifiers

"This solution is great news for our advertising partners," said Laurent Benamou, Vice President of Sales and Operations at La Presse. "With the imminent disappearance of third-party identifiers such as cookies and mobile identifiers, this strategy will help our advertisers to reach a readership that is engaged, concerned about privacy and willing to view rich and relevant advertising content.”

In concrete terms, advertisers will be able to better capture consumers' attention, control the frequency of their messages in the right place and at the right time, thanks to targeting by identifier, rather than by device.

The integration of the unique identifier also facilitates connection to all of La Presse's platforms, while maintaining the application of rigorous privacy protection principles among its readership. La Presse has recently updated its privacy policy to ensure that the personal information entrusted to it is protected by the most up-to-date security measures. La Presse is committed to ensuring that the data collected is not sold to third parties.

"In fact, this innovative solution enriches the relationship of trust between our advertising partners and our readership, which is often active across several platforms. At the same time, La Presse is consolidating its leadership in creativity and digital advertising support in Quebec," concluded Laurent Benamou.

June 12, 2020 | New product launch


In this time of pandemic when online sales are exploding, La Presse is launching Boutique, a brand-new product that will showcase advertisers' online offers to meet this constantly growing demand.

Boutique is the ideal shopping environment that will combine context and conversion. It will be published periodically during specific shopping periods: Father’s Day, Back to School, etc. It will appear as a dedicated tab in the day’s edition, then will be showcase in the rail the next day for a week for increased visibility.

This section will inspire and facilitate the shopping experience of La Presse+ readers, a wealthy clientele with great purchasing power, who will find a host of gift ideas for the whole family in just one "click"!

To receive the Boutique media kit, please contact your sales rep.

April 28, 2020 | A new point of entry video on La Presse+


A 30-second video or two 15-second videos are now broadcast at the opening of the daily edition of La Presse+. This exclusive location allows you to reach all of our tablet readers by integrating your brand into the heart of their daily ritual.

This innovative initiative also allows us to offer something new and exciting on the La Presse+ platform and will create an even more attractive competitive video offering in the Quebec market for us and our advertising partners.

Since its launch, the point of entry video has been viewed by an average of 220,000 individual readers daily on the La Presse+ platform. This non-skippable video cannot be ignored by our readers, giving you a guarantee that your ad will be viewed from start to finish.

Our priority is to continue to produce quality journalism that is accessible to all free of charge. This new initiative will allow us to continue to provide our daily free content offering, while maintaining the highest standard of excellence and rigour to the content that is developed by our newsroom and that we share with our readers daily.

October 1, 2019 | La Presse+ interactive magazines


On one side, there’s advertisers’ desire for familiarity with, and even control over, the environment in which their ad placement is going to appear. On the other, there’s the need to preserve the credibility and journalistic independence of the newsroom. The La Presse+ promotional and interactive magazine formats fulfil both needs at once, by offering coherent environments for readers and advertisers alike.

Safeguarding journalistic reputation

The success and reputation of La Presse depend on the credibility of its newsroom and the freedom granted to its journalists and columnists. “Our interactive magazines allow us to create rich, relevant content in close collaboration with advertisers, without weakening reader trust in the editorial team,” says Émilie Goudreau, Director, Media Creativity and Content Marketing.

Planned and directed content

“Advertisers benefit from a credible, positive environment and can be informed on content related to their ad,” Émilie explains. They can also direct the content, in a way that’s compliant with industry best practices. Lastly, the topics to be covered are planned several months in advance, so brands can develop customized ads for maximum impact.

Interactive magazines to reach the right audience

“Our studies show that readers appreciate the interactivity of ads in La Presse+, and even more so when those ads are positioned in a meaningful context,” Émilie continues. A reader will naturally be more attracted to an offer for a European cruise after reading an article on, say, the Baltic Coast. There are four magazines allowing advertisers to reach a variety of audience segments:

  • SUITE, a lifestyle magazine for 25–54s

  • 4664, a publication comprising stories of interest to Boomers (55+)

  • Habitat is focused on house & home

  • Ambiance Maison is devoted to decoration and renovation

For copies of the media kits for our magazines, talk to your account manager.

July 9, 2019 | Case Study


Vichy ran an ad campaign in La Presse+ from January 4 to February 8. Afterward, La Presse asked Ad Hoc Research to conduct a brand lift study to find out just how effective the campaign was and how much it benefitted the Vichy brand.

A substantial brand lift was noted across the board, with improvements in spontaneous awareness (+16%*), overall brand perception (+20%*), purchase consideration (+29%*) and probability of brand recommendation (+48%*) compared with unexposed readers.

These encouraging results confirm that La Presse+ is a strong digital media outlet offering positive visibility for brands and high levels of reader engagement.

*Variation (%) between consumers exposed to the campaign and consumers not exposed to the campaign.
Source: Vichy online survey – Ad Hoc Research – La Presse, February 2019, n=1,367 monthly La Presse+ readers (Exposed: n=677 and Unexposed n=690).

July 9, 2019 | Branded content

Three Myths About Branded Content

La Presse is known in Quebec’s media landscape for offering high-quality, impactful branded content. Every year, hundreds of XTRA pieces are produced jointly with advertisers from all industries. But some myths still persist about this form of advertising. Here are the top three.

  1. “Branded content” is just another term for advertorial

    They’re similar, but they’re not the same.

    Both branded content and advertorials are articles that advertisers publish in a known media source. But “advertorial” is an outdated term that applies just to print media and typically refers to material developed by brands.

    Meanwhile, branded content is a more recent concept that applies to digital media. Since the content is produced by media professionals, it's seamlessly integrated into the digital environment for a result that’s much more organic.

  2. The advertiser should be introduced subtly

    This approach was a lot more common in the early years of sponsored digital content. Brands often presented content that was unrelated or only loosely connected with their industry in the hopes of nabbing the interest of as many people as possible. The brand name was then subtly dropped and the result wasn’t always very natural. This would leave readers feeling as though they'd been duped.

    Today, transparency is key to keeping readers on side. Every brand can find something interesting to say, so why be shy about putting your name out there? After all, you’re the expert in your field. Keep your customer base properly informed with credible content that’s meaningful to them.

  3. You have to use the same tone as your ad campaigns

    Brands often forget that their sponsored content leverages an existing relationship between the media source and its readers.

    Readers choose a given media platform because they like its tone and reporting style. That’s why it’s best to align your campaign’s tone with the media’s voice and not with your brand’s other communications.



On May 7, La Presse held its second annual TAC-TIL XTRA Contest, which highlights the best branded content appearing in La Presse+.

A group of 20 finalists were invited to attend the Awards Ceremony at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. While many outstanding pieces were submitted, these three stole the spotlight:

First place :
Fonds de solidarité FTQ by Cart1er
Second place :
Liberté Skyr by Cossette
Third place :
Francos de Montréal by L’Équipe Spectra

Congratulations to all finalists! See you next year!

May 8, 2019 | La Presse new app

La Presse gives advertisers a sneak preview of its new app

La Presse unveiled its new app to advertisers on May 1 to 3. Patrick Jutras (VP Sales), Jean-Marc de Jonghe (VP Digital Products), Geoffroy Bernard (Senior Manager, Business Intelligence) and Éric Trottier (VP Assistant Editor) each took a moment to highlight how their teams contributed to this major undertaking.

Our ever-eloquent journalists Katia Gagnon, Isabelle Hachey, Patrick Lagacé and Yves Boisvert also took to the mic to extol the importance of quality journalism.

La Presse readers have responded enthusiastically to app, which offers more than 120 daily news items, special features and in-depth investigations from the journalists, columnists and guest writers that La Presse is known for.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find our app at:

April 22, 2019 | Magazines

SUITE celebrates its first anniversary

SUITE interactive magazine celebrated its first anniversary on April 22! The monthly publication is included in La Presse+ and then distributed on lapresse.ca, La Presse mobile and social media, recording an average of 174,000 unique openings per issue.

For the past year, SUITE has been offering positive content on the art of living, enhanced with a distinctive graphic design. The environment has proven popular with our dedicated readers and advertisers.

2019 is shaping up to be a promising year for SUITE. Thanks to all the advertisers who have helped make this success possible. We hope the magazine has many more anniversaries on the horizon!

April 2, 2019 | Second annual TAC-TIL XTRA Contest

Second annual TAC-TIL XTRA Contest: Down to the final round!

Two years ago, La Presse launched the TAC-TIL XTRA Contest, which highlights the best branded content published in La Presse+.

In all, 20 XTRA pieces were selected as finalists. They represent advertisers from a broad range of industries, including banking, entertainment, food and grocery, health, real estate, etc.

The deliberations were held in La Presse offices on Tuesday, April 2. The jury was chaired by Etienne Bastien, the founder and head of creative intelligence at Noé, and its members were Sann Sava (DDB Canada Montréal), Paula Badran (National Bank), Jean-Sébastien Martel (Cart1er), Léa Désourdy (Touché!) and Claire Bouchard (La Presse).

The big winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 7 at a special gala held at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

For more information about the contest official TAC-TIL XTRA Contest Page